About Us

Hello there, people. I’m Ana Smith, and I started scribbling on this site in late 2019. I’m officially a news reporter working as a freelancer for many years. I prefer this line of work as it gives me the most flexibility. Besides this, I’ve worked in different magazines. But the office job never suited me.

But due to covid 19, work was scarce, and all I cared about was the corona updates. And most reporters became freelance workers due to the situation. Apart from the pandemic, there was something else that caught my attention. And that was how desperate and lonely people were due to the pandemic and how several websites started scamming them.

And with this realization, I started this site where I explore different areas which are pretty popular and write about their true potential. These sites are primarily different but have paid partnerships with other famous sites.

I started this site by writing about my personal views and the things I accumulate from other people’s experiences. I want to assist people to understand that businesses are not always faithful to their words, and they can use both the client and the employees. Here I stated some essential details which can help people understand before taking any measurements.