Adult Breastfeeding Dating Sites – The Top-rated Options

Most people might think this topic is strange or disturbing, but we all have different fetish needs. I’m not here to judge if it’s not illegal or dangerous. The subject today is on adult breastfeeding and how it relates to dating. In a sense, there are ABF/ANR personal ads out there that focus on this fetish.

Just like adults wearing diapers and liking feet, ABF relationships are quite popular. Regardless, if you’re into this type of thing, this list of the top dating sites with that service is all for you. Let’s dive in!

What Is Adult Breastfeeding?

Adult breastfeeding is actually quite taboo still. Women and men enjoy breastfeeding but can’t throw that knowledge out to everyone because they could be judged. Therefore, ABF/ANR fans have to use other means to find like-minded individuals.

In a sense, adult breastfeeding happens for all types of reasons. Many women and men enjoy the suckling during lactation, and it brings pleasure to the woman. However, breastfeeding as an adult could be practical, too. That way, the milk doesn’t dry up if the baby isn’t nursing. Maybe the woman wants to keep her big boobs for a bit longer.

Regardless of why you like breastfeeding as an adult, you might find it hard to get people to join you. Overall, the ANR community is small, and you can’t ask your regular date to whip out a tit for dessert.

Therefore, you need the right dating site if you’ve got a craving for breast milk.

adult breastfeeding
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Top 10 ABF Dating Sites

Here are my best choices for ANR/ABF fans. Breast lovers are sure to find these ANR sites ideal for sex and lactation!

Adult Friend Finder

Adult Friend Finder is more of a traditional dating site, but you can find people into breastfeeding as adults, and there are various groups dedicated to it. This network has a large community, with 80 million members!

These women aren’t prudes, either. The ANR/ABF community here is open and expressive, talking about whatever they want in forums and blogs.

If you’re into ANR, this is the place to be because there are no ads, there’s mobile capability, and better security! However, since this member area is small, the women you meet may not be local. In a sense, you must travel for lactation!

ABF Singles

If you want to avoid a traditional dating site and need something specialized, ABF Singles has you covered. It’s the largest lactation site on the internet right now. If you’re in the ANR/ABF world, the members here have you covered with tons of features!

The administrators take time to approve the members, so if you’re into ANR, my advice is to give it time after you sign up.


FetLife is a kink site, so whatever you’re into, you’re sure to find. That definitely includes ANR/ABF, and there’s a large group of members into it and active. That’s crucial when you’re hoping to connect with a partner.

Those who want online action are in luck because there are tons of ANR and lactation videos you can watch. Though it might not be free, users enjoy all the features of this website!

Dreams of Milk

If you dream of breastfeeding and like erotic lactation, you’re in luck with Dreams of Milk. This site has members posting what they want with contact information. However, you can’t use vulgar language, and it’s more about getting into the ANR world than the sexual aspect.

Still, the members make it an affordable and safe interest site. However, it doesn’t verify members, so trolls do get in while you chat. If your goal is to make friends in the ABF community, start your account on the website today!

Lactating Dating

I believe that Lactating Dating is a good option for those who are new to ANR and ABF. Sometimes, it feels like a regular dating site, but the ABF pool is quite small. Joining is easy, and the site has a good appearance.

The issue I have is I’m not sure each member is real. If you’re there for erotic lactation, I advise you to pay close attention to the picture to ensure you’re not talking to a guy instead of a girl.

ANR Connections (Adult Nursing Relationship)

ANR Connections is a tight-knit community and is dedicated only to ABF/ANR. To join, you must answer tons of questions, and the site moderators approve membership, so that takes time. However, you know that all members are serious about being here.

When members gain access, they can chat, see photo galleries, and even find events. Those into adult nursing might find it bland, but your goal is to search for videos and people who offer lactation.


AdultBreastFeeding.US is a site dedicated solely to ANR or ABF. It’s open to members in Australia, the UK, Canada, and the US. If you find yourself traveling and want to enjoy some milk, this is the ANR site to consider.

Gift of Milk

If you’ve been around ANR/ABF for a while, you may remember Land of Milk and Honey. That site actually merged with Gift of Milk to become a super-site.

However, members see a motherly vibe instead of that kink feel. Plus, members must be approved, and the forums aren’t very busy. Still, there are tons of great articles about the subject and suggestions available.


ANRelationship is there to help you find someone interested in lactation for eroticism. Just give it some basic information, and the algorithm matches you to a date.

It’s easy to use, too, so members should have no trouble locating and meeting for adult nursing relationships!


I keep going to Fling because it’s amazing, no matter what you’re into. Those who like to suckle the breast are sure to become members.

If you’re into the ANR/ABF lifestyle, you’re in luck. Tons of members want to breastfeed to be sexy, so lactation is plentiful! Create a username and password now to talk to others!


People are into adult breastfeeding for many reasons. Sexual kinks and health purposes are the main ones. Regardless of why you like breast milk, ABF/ANR websites like these are great. The members know what they want, and it’s all about the breast! Create an account, sign in, and search for pictures that make you want to pop!

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