Affair Dating Review: Is It Real or Another Fraud Dating App?

AffairDating review

I know that some people don’t agree with this, but I’m actually a really huge fan of the online dating scene. So, when a website like comes along, it immediately grabs my interest. Because I’m always ready for a new relationship, or at least a new hook up, and new dating sites have the potential to provide the opportunity to make this easier on me.

You’re never going to find a matchmaking tool with 100% accuracy no matter how hard they try to develop one. Two people can get matched up and meet each other. And maybe they’ll even hit it off, but this isn’t going to happen every time.

But one of the biggest reasons why dating sites are so advantageous is because you can learn about potential connections before going on a date. You’re not looking for magic or someone to come down from the heavens to connect you with a potential partner. You look at someone’s picture, read about them in their description, learn about their positive and negative attributes, and decide if they sound like someone you’d like to connect with.

Some online dating sites are more helpful than others. As a matter of fact, some of these apps are really nasty. They only want to pick your pocket and learn all of your personal info. They have nothing to do with matchmaking because they were intended to be charlatans from the very beginning.

Instead of wasting money and time on too many dating apps, I wanted to help you today by providing a full review of Affair Dating. This review will help you determine whether or not this site is the right fit to meet your needs.

The Method Used to Compose this Affair Dating Review

To provide the most accurate information in this review, I set up my own profile on Affair Dating and tried the service for a month. I originally tested it out as a free user to get a feel for the website and to test the level of spam. Then I checked it out as a paid user to determine if the additional perks are worth the cost of admission. I also determined the level of safety of the website by giving them my credit card to pay for the service and then I waited to see if anything untoward happened.

While on the site, I attempted to connect with 50 women in an effort to set up dates with them. I figured there’s no point to using the website if it’s impossible to get a date with anyone, so 50 seemed like a good number to test.

Before diving into the complete Affair Dating review, I’d like to share a comparison between this site and my all-time favorite site Adult Friend Finder.

A Quick Comparison of Affair Dating vs Adult Friend Finder (1-10 Ranking)

Best Overall Website:

  • Affair Dating – 1 out of 10
  • Adult Friend Finder – 9.5 out of 10

Quality of Females:

  • Affair Dating – 5 out of 10
  • Adult Friend Finder – 9 out of 10

Website Popularity:

  • Affair Dating – 5 out of 10
  • Adult Friend Finder – 10 out of 10

Website Usability:

  • Affair Dating – 8 out of 10
  • Adult Friend Finder – 9 out of 10

Safety and Privacy:

  • Affair Dating – 10 out of 10
  • Adult Friend Finder – 9 out of 10

Effectiveness of Service:

  • Affair Dating – 1 out of 10
  • Adult Friend Finder – 9 out of 10

Value of Service:

  • Affair Dating – 1 out of 10
  • Adult Friend Finder – 10 out of 10

My Top Recommendation

Based on my first impression alone, I would’ve felt comfortable recommending Affair Dating to my readers. But after testing out the site for 30 days, I actually didn’t receive one positive result or make one connection. Even though the site functions perfectly, their active user base leaves a lot to be desired.

Without an active user base, you should take your money and spend it elsewhere to achieve actual results.

I really hoped that I’d feel comfortable recommending this website to my readers. But as we all know, in the online dating world websites are rarely user-friendly and clean. Affair Dating does deliver on both of these aspects, but the lack of active users trumps the top-quality user interface any day of the week.

Sadly, they didn’t even bombard me with fake spam messages. I guess that’s a plus, but at the same time the site felt like a ghost town.

Are you looking for a legitimate site to check out? Try the free trial for Adult Friend Finder to get actual real results. Their website is the gold standard for getting laid.

The Positive Attributes of Affair Dating

  • The user interface is simple and clean
  • The website loads quickly
  • The website’s navigation is simple to use
  • The user base appears plentiful
  • They do not spam you, which makes the site seem legit and safe

The Negative Attributes of Affair Dating

  • I messaged many potential hook-up partners and I never received a single reply
  • Your patience and insecurities will be tested when 50 consecutive women ignore you

Affair Dating First Impressions

After perusing Affair Dating’s website, I found their landing page promising. They claim to be a free dating service and there was a beautiful woman on the cover. The design was professional to say the least.

Although not outrageous, their logo was simple and effective. Not necessarily my favorite graphic design, but it got the job done and it was hardly my main area of focus anyway.

Here’s where I really started to get tripped up…

Underneath the logo, the text didn’t make a whole lot of sense and it was filled with typos. It wasn’t very inspiring to say the least.

This went on for a while and the text was poorly written. In fact, it seems like it came from a different language and Google Translate translated it over to English, or at least that’s my best guess. A legitimate company should have enough resources to hire an actual translator, right?

I wasn’t very thrilled with my first impression let’s just say.

Adult Friend Finder Is the Serious Place to Go for a Quick Hookup

At this stage, we’re kinda giving away the conclusion that our Affair Dating review was pretty much a bust. This will help you save time if you aren’t planning to read all the way to the end. It’s just not that great a site, and the best hook up site in the business in my opinion is Adult Friend Finder.

I talked about it earlier and I’ve reviewed hundreds of dating sites and hookup apps over the years and Adult Friend Finder is always my favorite choice to recommend to average guys. If you’re really hot then Tinder will work for you too, but you have to be really handsome to get laid on that site.

At the moment, it’s possible to try Adult Friend Finder for free. The website has more than 50 million active users, with many women 30+ years old, who want to hook up with average guys just like you.

So, if you’re an average dude looking to hook up, Adult Friend Finder should be your first stop.

Is Affair Dating Really Free?

After opening an account, I can’t say I became more impressed with the website. Quite the opposite in fact. It looked empty, jumbled, and really confused. Advertisements, pop-ups, and various menus were scattered throughout the website. You could also see a couple of profile pics from members but nothing too fantastic. It’s like showing up to a well decorated party with all of the bells and whistles but no other guests bothered to attend.

I ran a search to check out more members, and the results only gave me three people. After scrolling to attempt to look at additional member profiles, I was hit with an upgrade page. The upgrade page wanted me to pay for the privilege to receive full member benefits and full communication.

Even worse, clicking on the rare member profile that I’m able to view, I actually can’t see everything because they block out certain stuff. They only let you see the entire profile after you give them your money. I sent a message their way but it’s the only message they allowed me to send for free, which is completely unacceptable in my opinion.

This website is advertised as a free site. There should be a lot more going on for free than the little dribs and drabs that they offer. Like any other site, premium upgrades are always going to exist, but they take time to entice you by letting you look at lots of photos and profiles and other things. This site doesn’t even let you look at the basics unless you hand over your credit card. Free users should have the choice to look at profiles, member photos, and even send messages.

Is It Really a Profile Ghost Town?

For half a second, I wanted to believe that my search only delivered three profiles because they were holding things back for their paid subscribers. But this wasn’t the case unfortunately. As far as I can tell, only three people in my area created profiles on theAffair Dating website.

Is that really true? I needed to test this theory by searching for profiles in other areas. So, I searched one of the most highly populated cities in America… I searched New York City. And the results of my search only delivered 12 profiles! This city has 9 million people so something is seriously wrong here. A dating service needs to have a lot more members and this is especially true if they plan on charging to use their app.

Is Affair Dating on Social Media?

My thrill at trying out this website was no longer as optimistic as it once was because fun and adventure don’t seem to be possible anymore. I started searching the company on social media to find out more information about them and it turns out that they do not have an Instagram page.

They did have a Facebook page, so I guess that’s something positive. But it really isn’t because the last post from Affair Dating was from back in 2015, which might as well be decades ago online. In fact, with their inactive Facebook page and their sparse membership, I was beginning to believe that the website was no longer active. But why would they keep it running and continue to charge their members?

Entertainment Is the Name of the Game

Whenever a website starts to turn me off, I began digging into the fine print. Reading a website’s Terms and Conditions page is an eye-opening process indeed. In many cases, the website’s true intentions are found within the legal agreement that they share with users. The Affair Dating legal agreement wasn’t the greatest thing in the world.

For starters, they say their mobile applications and website are used for entertainment and social services purposes to interact and engage with other users. They claim that by being an entertainment website they aren’t technically a dating service. It’s debatable if their website provides actual entertainment, but that’s a different argument for another day!

At the end of the day, just know that Affair Dating wasn’t designed to really help you find your next hookup. But they act like they are and it’s definitely false advertising. Most people sign up for this site because they want to hook up with somebody or maybe even fall in love, but they’re never going to find it because this site only provides “entertainment.” If you want better entertainment, sign up for a Netflix subscription.

The terms and conditions also underhandedly stated that they share fake automatically broadcasted messages. Why would you want to read a message from a woman that’s broadcasting to every guy out there? You want a girl messaging you directly, right? I sure know I do.

And we haven’t even gotten to the bad part yet!

What’s the Worst Thing about Dating Sites?

For me, it’s the online cam providers.

This site has commercial relationship with cam providers. And in the fine print, they say that they market these cam providers to their user base. So, you’re going to end up being bombarded with display ads that seem like profile pics, but they’re actually sketchy cam providers.

These third-party websites are the worst because they riddle your computer with pop-ups, viruses, malware, and other garbage you’d rather avoid. They are basically scam sites that want to harass you and steal your details. Affair Dating is trying to make money from you, plain and simple, and they have no interest in helping you hook up.

And Speaking of Data Theft…

The final thing that I read in their Terms and Conditions practically made me want to vomit. It had everything to do with my data. In a nutshell, they consider your data to be their asset. So, they can sell it, transfer it, or do whatever they want with it once you sign up to their website.

Whatever happened to personal data? Apparently, your personal data isn’t very personal to them. Like I said, they consider your personal data their asset. That’s not very neighborly of them in my opinion!

Is Affair Dating Really Fun and Adventurous?

I had high hopes when I first visited the Affair Dating website to begin my review. But I have to say that things took a wrong turn very quickly and they never recovered. This website is a complete waste of time. Even worse, it’s a website designed to steal your money and your information so you should stay as far away from this site as humanly possible.

Affair Dating admits that they’re a site that exists for entertainment purposes. Yet I never felt entertained at all as I took the steps needed to write this review. So, if you have a half a brain, you’ll forget Affair Dating ever existed.

FAQ for Affair Dating

Now I’d like to share the FAQ that I created with frequently asked questions. I’ve searched the web high and low and determined the questions most commonly asked by people interested in the site. If you’re one of them, you’ll discover the answers you seek in the Q&A section below.

If there’s a question I haven’t covered, tell me about it in the comments. I’ll update the review and provide a thorough answer at your request. What Is It?

Affair Dating is an entertainment website posing as a dating website. While there are a few profiles on the site from other sad saps, the site is basically a deserted ghost town. You shouldn’t bother signing up.

What Is the Affair Dating a Login Process?

Simply create a free account using your email address. They’ll also ask you to create a username and provide your name, location, and age. After you sign up, you can login using your new username and the password you chose during the sign-up process.

Are There Alternative Dating Websites to Affair Dating?

Yes, there are plenty of alternatives that are much better than this website. Most guys will have much better chances of hooking up on the alternatives that I recommend.

How Is It Possible to Use the Free Version of Affair Dating?

The free version is easy to access by creating your profile and logging in. You can look for women in your community but there aren’t going to be many profiles. All other services require you to upgrade to the paid version. They aren’t worth it!

How Can I Cancel My Membership?

Membership cancellation is easy. The four-step process includes the following:

  • Click your profile pic. You can find it in the top right corner.
  • Open “My Settings.”
  • Open “Billing History.” From there you want to click “Deactivate Subscription.”
  • Use the cancellation wizard and follow all of the necessary steps to discontinue your payments.

How Can I Delete My Affair Dating Account?

Completely deleting your account is possible. The necessary steps to make this happen include:

  • Click your profile pic. You can find it in the top right corner.
  • Open “My Settings.”
  • Open “Remove Account.” You can find it three quarters down the page.
  • Use the account deletion wizard and follow all of the necessary steps to remove your profile.

How Much Will I Pay for an Affair Dating Subscription?

There are four levels of pricing to choose from. They include:

  • $4.49 for a three-day trial
  • $20.99 for a one-month subscription
  • $11.87 per month for a three-month subscription
  • $9.43 per month for a six-month subscription

Is This a Legitimate Dating Site?

For all intents and purposes, this website is legit. But the user base is nonexistent so it’s virtually worthless if you’re trying to hook up.

Remember, I messaged 50 women and didn’t receive one reply!

The website doesn’t appear untrustworthy on the surface. But active users do not exist.

Is Affair Dating Actually a Scam Site?

Even though it’s legitimate and cannot technically be called a scam, it’s an empty shell with very few active people on it. So, it’s basically useless for your purposes.

How Can I Message Other Users on Affair Dating?

They offer an intuitive way to send messages. But the biggest problem is getting someone to reply to your messages. This is an impossibility.

In all honesty, you have to pay for a subscription in order to send messages on the site. After you pay for your subscription, you can click on a user profile and click the chat button.

It’s easy enough, right?

Click the speech bubble in the top corner on the right to see your current conversations.

How Can I Perform a Search on Affair Dating?

Using to search for potential partners is simple to accomplish. Look at the main navigation and you’ll see a search bar right below it.

The features allow you to change your location, age range, and preferred gender. There are even more specific options if you’d like to narrow your search further.

It’s a well-built site and functions great. It’s too bad nobody’s on it to actually chat with or connect with in the real world.

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