HarlotHub Review – Does This Escort Hub Lead to Trouble?

I really get tired of exposing all these other escort sites because they’re so shady. More sites come out each day, and you see insane promises. In fact, the vast majority of these sites say they have escorts based in almost every smaller city within the Western market. They say that people can get happy endings, they have various preferences, and many users are active when that’s just not true!

harlot hubMy issue here is that everyone ignores the negative reviews posted, and that annoys me. Feel free to stop reading this HarlotHub review if you want. However, I recommend that you stay with it. If you prefer to get escorts for casual encounters, it’s crucial to learn about the dump of today. Harlot Hub claims to be ideal for those who want body rubs and all the rest. However, the website isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

If you’ve been searching for escorting websites, forums, or hubs, you’re doing things wrong! I’m not telling you what to do, but I do have to share my opinions about this site and tell you what it doesn’t offer.

While many users enjoy having more categories, it’s best not to visit this one. There are many legit dating websites available that let you join for free and hook up with girls for free. Give them your phone number or set something up to meet in person, but don’t use escorts who make you pay for their services!

My Harlot Hub Review

The disclaimer here is that all escort-related sites are shady and dicey. You can’t know if you’re seeking real or fake girls. Sometimes, you get more than you wanted when the police show up and claim that you’re sex trafficking. This is no joke!

When I see sites like Harlot Hub, I want to learn what I can about them. That means signing up to see the escort profiles. That way, I can check on the pop-ups and information provided in the adult classifieds. That includes contact information, hair color, and location.

What I found out about this one is like the other Backpage wannabes. Let’s learn more!

Not the Alternative to BackPage!

When you go to this site, it has specific promises and claims. Overall, it says that it is a Backpage alternative and starts where it left off.

If you don’t know what Backpage was, it was similar to Craigslist. You visited it and searched for sex workers, adult massage parlors, or read escort profiles.

In 2018, though, it was closed by the federal government. Plus, it took the adult dating classifieds from other sites because of its new sex trafficking legislation.

I realize that adult jobs are found in the United States, Canada, and throughout the world, but government agencies are cracking down on escorts and those who use the services.

You see a bland site design, which throws off the cops, but that doesn’t last forever. Whatever information you provide, including phone numbers, is given to the police at some point.

Sex Workers at HarlotHub Equals Illegal

This site is there to be an escort directory and promises not to have annoying banners or ads. It claims that it connects sex workers with men who appreciate them.

However, it’s illegal to pay for sex in the US. I really feel people should know this now, but escort websites are actually ILLEGAL!

stop human trafficking
Image source: https://www.americamagazine.org/

If you think this site and others aren’t on the radar for the government, you are crazy. The names and other contact information people put out there are connected to this site. Even if you just sign up to browse and don’t use female escorts, you’re at risk for being part of the sting operation when the escorts are arrested. In my opinion, that’s not worth it!

Many Risks from This Escort Site

You need to know the risks associated with prostitutes, such as getting caught or having a social disease. I just want you to know that replying to escort ads from HarlotHub could be dangerous.

First, there’s no internet presence here. If you type the name into your favorite search bar, you come up with little. Regardless of the escort site you use, someone somewhere has written something about it, but that’s not true of HarlotHub. Has anyone ever read an escort ad from this company?

I went deeper and found information from Scamadviser.com. It rated the site at 76 percent. How can that be? Personally, I feel the owner of the site wrote reviews on the escorts or paid a freelance writer to do it!

No Massages

The only positive about the escort site is that it is free to use. There aren’t many ads on it, either. However, you’re likely to get frustrated fast.

You can’t find massages, body rubs or a date. Most categories come up a blank, and there aren’t many escort ads available!

The only categories that had girls post ads were for sugar babies and escorts. There are plenty of locations listed for the escorts, such as New York City, Latin America, Dallas, Texas, and Las Vegas. Other mid-sized cities are sprinkled in for good measure. However, you can’t be sure if they include fake profiles.

Overall, Harlot Hub puts in its terms of use section that people shouldn’t charge or pay for sexual favors, but that’s really what the site is all about!

Terms to Tell All

When you check out any dating site or escort site, you must always read the terms and conditions or terms of service. If you’re happy with the information in there, then you may create a profile and start looking for whatever you want.

However, it doesn’t matter what site you use. The terms of service are crucial. HarlotHub is transparent, but you don’t get the info if you don’t read them. Clearly, it states that what you do on the website isn’t private. If you’re there to hire escorts, you could get in trouble with the local authorities.

Remember when I said earlier that escorts are illegal to hire? These people are pretty much prostitutes or ladies of the night. If you use the website, you agree that it controls what you do and what information it gives to people. With that, the site caters to both prostitutes and johns. You’re playing with your freedom, and there’s no reason to do so!

Crypto Payments Only – Shady

You probably know that escort sites want you to pay money to access the information. There might be tons of girls on each page, with various types and fetishes. However, you don’t see contact information without subscribing.

That’s normal to an extent (though there are free sites out there.) However, this one is not a free classified site. Instead, you have to pay before you see a few features that it offers (and that’s not a lot). However, my problem with the escort site is that you can only pay with cryptocurrency.

I don’t personally use Bitcoin, though I’m interested in it. Still, I’m not buying some to connect with someone or chat with them. There are so many other sites out there where I can find chicks to fuck.

While I get that there’s a certain amount of privacy from crypto payments, it seems shady to only allow that option. Some people aren’t tech-savvy, and others just don’t know about cryptocurrency enough to use it.

Masks Commercial Sex through Escort Sites

Dating sites like Harlot Hub tend to have many scams going at once. You might see fake pictures, webcam rooms, or the site might steal your information.  I pointed this out in my P411 review.

With this one, though, it claims that you can do what you want if you agree that nothing is private. Remember when I talked about the TOS earlier? Since anyone can post ads for a date, there are tons of ways to misuse the site. Things like local hookups, live cams, and meet-to-fuck options are popular, but you must still determine if it’s totally worth checking out because of the risk.

Massage Parlors

You probably know what massage parlors are; you pay for body rubs and get a happy ending, too. Even if you go to Harlot Hub for that reason, there’s no guarantee that you can find something legitimate. How many people search the homepage and find nothing? I don’t know, but I’m sure it’s a lot.

My advice is to use dating sites and tell the women that you don’t want a relationship. You expect something fun, like erotic massages with the hand job. Honestly, most of these girls are ready for anything!

Cam Sites

Live sex cams are a tricky business, too. You can spend tons of money because these cam girls are beautiful and seductive. Plus, the cam site usually works by you spending credits to watch the escorts strip. I think it’s better to go to strip clubs if that’s what you want.

Pay to Play with Local Hookups

HarlotHub promises casual sex and local hookups. You can find a girl ready to swallow your cock or who is into BDSM easily. However, I feel that this is shady, too. There is a limit to how many pictures one can view, but that’s because there aren’t very many escorts. While you can use in-site communication, the site design just lacks.  View my list of apps for hook ups, and you’ll be much better off.

harlot hub fort lauderdale
Smoking hot, but is she even real? I’m always leery of these types of websites.


Most men want to hook up with hotties and have casual dating or sex. However, the web is full of free or cheap ways to get pussy, so there’s just no need to hire escorts. Harlot Hub is not the real deal, but there are other options out there. If you want to fuck a girl, use a dating site and tell them you want something casual!

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