How to Send Tinder Pics That Generate Positive Responses from Females

Send Tinder Pics

They say a picture is worth 1000 words, which is very true in many situations. There is no exception to this rule on Tinder. You are far from alone if you haven’t mastered the art of sending pics on this platform.

Even though they took away the option to send photos through chat, it’s okay that they’ve limited our options although it’s less convenient.

Today I’d like to share some things that you should avoid and a few alternative ways to send pics. You’ll stand out in the crowd, because most people haven’t mastered the Tinder photo sending experience.

Effective Ways to Send Pics within Tinder

For the sake of clarity, I’m going to share this information with you in two different parts. I’ll tell you what to do on the app itself. I’ll also tell you the best ways to go about sending pics once you’ve moved beyond Tinder.

And let’s not forget about the typical mistakes that everyone should avoid when sending pics.

These days this app is considered limited when compared to other more effective hook up apps. Why is it limited? Because so many guys have abused the system and sent girls dick pics when they were unsolicited. This caused female users to leave the app altogether, which in turn caused Tinder to take steps to get them back.

But this presents a definite learning experience. Girls will occasionally want to see a picture of your junk and they’ll have no problem asking you. Otherwise there are some other options to consider.


You can really make a conversation livelier by sending funny reactions and amusing one-liners sending these moving images.

Tinder provides a limited library, for sure, but believe it or not there are a lot of funny and obscure choices to pick from.

If you use these gifs right you can make your messages really stand out and provide extra emphasis. A favorite opener of mine with a match and no bio and a boring profile is a combination of a gif and a dad joke. It gets a really hearty laugh most of the time and it always makes me smile.

Like the bulk of things related to Tinder messaging, it’s best to experiment with different gifs to see which ones work best for you. I can’t necessarily tell you the best way to send pics on this platform but this certainly will help you stand out.


Although this fad has definitely come to an end, Tinder apparently never got the memo and this is an option to use on their app. You can send them ironically from time to time and it’s a lot of fun and somewhat amusing.

Most people haven’t even seen a Bitmoji in a few years. But with good timing and the right context this can actually giveyou and the person you’re communicating witha sincere belly laugh.

Take time to search the app and look at the various options as you chat with someone. Know what’s available for different potential scenarios and come up with some funny and useful combinations that you can deploy during conversations.

Just remember to use Bitmojis sparingly. They’re definitely dated but they certainly work as ironic humor from time to time.

On a side note, this feature is only available in Tinder if you have Snapchat.

Sending Tinder Pics Outside of Tinder

After you’ve connected with a girl on Tinder and you’ve had some conversations, it’s time to move off of the platform altogether. You can do this by moving to text messaging, Snapchat, Instagram, or another platform that you prefer. No matter which one you choose, this is the best way to send pics to Tinder matches and it’s the closest option that you’ll get.

Younger matches often prefer Snapchat or Instagram, and older women often want to get your phone number and vice versa. I prefer getting phone numbers as well, because this eliminates the people using Tinder to try and get extra Instagram followers.

No matter which way you go, just remember that the rules remain the same.

Never send unsolicited dick pics! Take this seriously no matter what.

As I’ve said already, it’s never okay to send these pics. I don’t know where this idea came from, but most women aren’t dying to see your man meat. You’re the one in the wrong, unless they ask you of course!

Only Send Ironic Selfies

When a guy sends girls a selfie, they typically tend to laugh whether it was meant as a funny pic or not. So be prepared for this reaction at all times.

Believe it or not, it’s better to be ironic with your selfies because it’s a lot better than posing and looking like a jackass.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a pro model or you’re the best person for taking photos, it’s still really awkward to look at guy selfies. Don’t ask me why. But this is especially true if you’re sending the selfie to a girl that you haven’t met before. You should avoid this because it isn’t the best decision.

I personally haven’t sent a selfie to a Tinder match in a really long time. Do you know why? Here’s how it went the last time:

Girl: “Wow, that was actually very funny. You’re a barrel of laughs!”

Me: “I tend to take things very seriously if you haven’t noticed lol.”

Girl: “Well, I have to admit that I’m pretty excited to meet you. Thanks for making me laugh haha.”

I purposely did this in order to get her to laugh. A friend happened to take a funny picture of me in a costume at a Halloween party and I decided to send it to her. But for the most part, during Tinder conversations, it’s very rare when I actually send a selfie. I’ve maybe done it two or three times in my entire life.

Do Not Take Your Shirt Off

Just like with selfies, the ladies aren’t particularly enthralled with guys who send shirtless pictures. It doesn’t matter if you’re ripped beyond belief and have huge muscles. Women tend to react three ways based on what I’ve noticed from my female friends. They react like:

  • “Holy cow, this guy sent a shirtless selfie!” And she proceeds to roll her eyes.
  • “Why do guys always think they’re so hot? I can’t believe he sent me a shirtless pic like I’m supposed to drool over him.”
  • “Oh my Lord another shirtless selfie. Next.”

Like sending dick pics, certain situations will present themselves where a girl actually wants this type of photo. But on most occasions, you should avoid this unless you’re asked.

Take Situational Photos to Your Heart’s Desire

Situational photos are an excellent choice to start fun conversations. They often lead to exciting experiences because you’re giving this person a look at your life. It’s a lot better to send this type of photo than answer dozens of questions.

What is a situational photo? Sending a picture of you at a Halloween party like the one I mentioned earlier is a great example. Or you could send pictures of you and your friends when you’re out at a local bar. Or take a picture of you and your coworkers at a local café.

The bulk of the photos that I send women on Tinder are situational. Why? They’re often funny and also very effective.

Demonstrate the Type of Person You Are with Pics

The only other situation that requires pics on Tinder is sending pictures of things that I believe they’d enjoy.

I matched up with someone that really liked hiking. On a previous occasion we even talked about hiking. I recently finished hiking and the summit presented amazing views. One of my friends even took an awesome photo with me at the top of the peak. I sent the girl this picture and a few others from the hiking trip. Since she hadn’t hiked this trail yet, she was really happy to see these pics. She wanted to know what it looked like from the top and I was able to help her get a bird’s eye view.

I don’t send this type of pic too often either, but I do on rare and special occasions. I only do it when I know the person shares the same interests as me. This often works wonders and these pictures are usually well received. And it also gives the match an even closer glimpse into my life.

Final Thoughts

This pretty much wraps up everything I wanted to tell you about sending pics on Tinder. Even though it’s not really possible anymore, you certainly have options and I shared the best ones with you today.

It’s time to have fun and get creative using Bitmojis and gifs while using the app. After you’ve taken it to the next level, your options open up and you have many choices that you can consider once you’ve gotten off the app.

Important note: it doesn’t really matter what you’re sending, just remember to really sit down and think about it before you press send. Think about the person you’re sending it to, their interests, and potential ways that they might respond. It’s always a lot of fun to send pics, but at the same time if you send the wrong type of pic it could end up ruining your chances with this person.

On the other hand, if the person doesn’t have a sense of humor about your pic this is a good way to disqualify them. I find it important to connect with people that have similar senses of humor. I really am not interested in hooking up with someone that seems too dry.

What do you think about this tutorial? Did I miss anything? Leave a comment below.

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