P411 Review Plus a Few Alternative Sites

Recently, I’ve been on a rampage about the Backpage.com takedown because now I have to search for other escort sites and review those. I came across P411 (Preferred411). What is it? I’ll explain here shortly!

This site is actually a little different from the others because things are more private. However, that doesn’t make it better than the rest. I took the time needed to visit the site to give you a better idea of what it has to offer and the services available.

The question on your mind is whether or not it’s legit. It’s my job to tell you everything you need to know in a short time frame. You must understand that this is a place where you can get a date or escort. From there, you discuss pricing, and the person can charge whatever they want.

If you just want a friend, I don’t think this website is for you, but I really don’t believe it’s beneficial for anyone other than the escorts. Don’t worry; I’m here to talk about why you should avoid it and that it’s not worth the risks.

Review on P411 Reveals All – Don’t Use This Escort Website

Here’s what you initially find when you go to the website. It looks like a site that offers spa services, but it’s completely outdated! I feel that the owners wanted it displayed like that on purpose. That way, it doesn’t get labeled as an escort directory. With that, it doesn’t allow the escorts or users to get the information without registering as a companion or client.

I looked closely at the information and details on the website, and most of it did not make me happy. Here’s what I now know:

The terms and conditions iron everything out about the site, and it comes out and tells you why you should avoid it and the services it offers. I must start by explaining the restrictions for the girls, how you access content, and how you read reviews on each escort:

How to Join the P411 Community

If you are the escort and want to join the site, you must purchase a membership. P411 comes right out and says that it can revoke memberships and does, denies applicants, and cancels memberships whenever it wants. You don’t get a refund of the application fee.

For the men looking to meet working girls, the site says it doesn’t accept new members at this time but it might in the near future. How is that convenient for anyone?

If you are allowed to become a member, you must submit images and other verification forms to determine that you’re who you claim to be.

Though it’s safer for the escort, being verified doesn’t really matter much for the johns. They could get into huge trouble if the site gets raided.

Let’s not forget here that the website can deny or revoke the account at any time, and it’s not free to join. You might be able to afford an account and provide the necessary photos, but that’s not the point. Members shouldn’t have to jump through hoops to get to the content. There’s no convenience here at all.

If you’ve decided to use an escort service, there are better options. In fact, I mention them later!


When you purchase a membership on P411, you are subjected to tons of advertisements to market others. Each post is from a third party, and P411 can’t guarantee the ads that are placed. They could be linking to malware, and if you click on it, your system (phone or computer) is infected.

About half the content is ads, so you pay for what you can’t enjoy. Who wants to read a ton of ads when they are there to find women to bang? Though the content is related to sex, that’s not what makes a good escort service.

There are many big problems here, but one is that the site doesn’t claim it’s liable for anything that’s posted, and the information could be inaccurate! I find this to be a red flag and don’t suggest you enter information on the site for that reason.

Local Law Enforcement

This website also misleads you to think that it doesn’t disclose any data without your approval. However, it’s an open book if the cops approach the owners and request that info. If you happen to use the site, the owners share whatever information they can, and the police can absolutely act against you, stating that you did something wrong. If you buy a membership, your info isn’t safe and could be shared with other people. There’s no way to protect your data, so you need to remember to stay away from this site.

p 411 bust
After seeing this, I have no desire to use this website.

Site Not Liable for Issues

As a member, you must agree that P411 isn’t liable for what you do there. The provider pretty much says that if you get a disease or get robbed, it doesn’t take the blame. That does sound like something you want to pay for, right? Wrong!

The site states that it doesn’t condone illegal activities, but hiring a person to have sex for money is not legal! An hour of fun for a sexual activity isn’t worth the risk.

Plus, you don’t get any support from the site. If content doesn’t load or seems shady, you can’t report it. While there’s an email address, you submit a form and never hear back.

Ripoff Report Says All

I dove into some reviews from Ripoff Reports. One reviewer mentioned that they had a bad experience. Plus, most of the website reviews were from years ago, and that’s just not fine for anyone.

Alternative Escort Sites

You’ve got the desire to hook up with hotties and fuck them, but there are many other user options available.

Some websites offer great service and don’t force you to send your info to everyone who asks. If you want convenience and something safe, I recommend using Fling, Instabang, or Uberhorny instead!

Also, I have a list of sites in the escort space that I’d avoid.  I’ve published reviews on all of them, so check out my HarlotHub review, as well as my Private Delights review.  Seriously, watch yourselves when you join up at those sites, as I said earlier, the hook up websites are much better for your safety.


The bottom line is that you shouldn’t use Preferred411. Yes, it’s better than Eros, but you’re also in its system and could get in trouble with the law.

My job is to write reviews to help you learn why I was concerned and why you should be, too. I provided recommendations of other sites that might be free to join or try out. There are better paid website options, and I don’t think you should sign up with this one.

Whether you want to see videos or find people for sex, you start with this review and work your way to finding legitimate and real sites!

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