QwikMeet Review: How I Fared Testing This Website for A Few Months

During this review, I’m going to let you know all about my experiences on this website, and more importantly, I’ll tell you if it’s actually the best place to go to meet drop-dead gorgeous single women. Because this is their basic promise and they should try to live up to the hype.

Based on information that I’ve gathered, they claim to have 12 million single people meeting up, flirting, and chatting on their website. I must say right from the get-go that I don’t believe their claims.

If the world were perfect, you’d feel complete confidence on a new website as you continue going through the sign-up process on their homepage. You’d have no trouble creating an account, with the intent to meet a beautiful woman in your community with very little difficulty at all.

Guess what? Reality is very different from the fantasy that I mentioned above. This is especially true with these little-known websites like Qwik Meet. As a matter of fact, these sites tend to make exaggerated claims, charge a great deal of money to join their membership, and ultimately never deliver on their promises after you’ve paid good money to sign up to their site.

Online dating sites that turn out to be scams typically make big and bold claims saying that if you join their site, they guarantee that you’ll hook up and tell you that it’s very easy. In truth, this is the whole reason why I’m writing this review in the first place. Guys have a hard enough time meeting great women on the Internet and scam websites are making it that much harder.

My Qwik Meet Review Process

At Hook Up Apps, I developed a specific process that I use when reviewing dating websites online. The process that I created was designed to make it possible to determine whether a website is scamming its customers or not. And I use this process up against other websites that have been tested previously based on whether or not they passed or failed.

After I sign up for a particular website, I tend to leave my profile in a blank state for 24 to 48 hours. I do this to discover if women on the site actually sent messages to my blank profile. If many women send sexually charged messages to the blank profile, this is a glaring sign that you are dealing with a scam website. Because in truth, there aren’t too many women willing to make sexual advances toward a blank anonymous profile, right?

After waiting 24 to 48 hours, I then join the paid membership. From this point, I will send messages to around 50 women to determine whether or not I get replies. I want to know if they’ll reply, if they’re willing to share their contact details, and if they want to meet up with me.

It’s those three factors that I use to rank dating websites on the Internet. What use will you have for an online dating site if it’s impossible to hook up with women in the real world?

I’m here to tell you if Qwik Meet is the real deal or a scam site. Should you warn your friends or tell them how great it is? Keep reading to discover everything that I learned.

A Detailed Comparison of Qwik Meet vs. Adult Friend Finder

To help you get a better understanding of this company, I decided to share ratings on Qwik Meet and match them up against my ratings of Adult Friend Finder. A 1 rating is the worst and a 10 rating is the best. Since I love Adult Friend Finder so much, I find it easiest to match up other adult dating sites against these rankings for context.

  • Overall:Qwik Meet is a 3 and Adult Friend Finder is a 9.5
  • Quality of Women:Qwik Meet is a 3 and Adult Friend Finder is a 9
  • Website Popularity:Qwik Meet is a 4 and Adult Friend Finder is a 9
  • Website Usability: Qwik Meet is a 5 and Adult Friend Finder is a 10
  • Safety and Privacy: Qwik Meet is a 10 and Adult Friend Finder is a 10
  • Website Effectiveness: Qwik Meet is a 3 and Adult Friend Finder is a 9
  • Worth: Qwik Meet is a 3 and Adult Friend Finder is a 10

Do I Consider Qwik Meet a Good Recommendation?

After spending more than a month on this website, and spending lots of time messaging numerous people, my overall recommendation is to avoid this site like the plague. Overall, when compared to other adult dating sites of this nature, there are lots of better websites out there, and this is especially true for guys.

While testing out the site, I was personally sent lots of fake messages from profiles that weren’t even real. It all seemed like a major waste of time and money, whether I was using a free version or the paid option. They both stunk.

Some details to consider include:

First off, the website Qwik Meet is known to redirect their visitors to third-party websites that they own. This all depends on your location, so depending where you are is where they’ll end up redirecting you. Personally, the redirected website that they sent me to was called iflrts.com.

Consider this about the website in question:

As soon as you sign up with a new account, they will automatically start inundating you with lots of messages that you aren’t allowed to reply to with a free account.

I immediately got 5 likes and 15 messages within a 24-hour period with a blank profile. How suspicious is that? No one is going to like or message a blank profile!

To continue my detailed investigation, I had to buy coins to use other features of the website. To initiate a conversation, or to even simply reply to a message, you have to purchase 50 coins. They start you off with 100 coins, but to purchase extras you’re going to spend a couple of bucks. In fact, 500 coins costs $9.99, but if you buy in bulk, you’ll get them a bit cheaper.

Here’s what they get you to do…

After you start paying for coins, the profiles that you messaged all start replying to you.

I paid $50 to purchase 2640 coins and then began messaging different women in the LA area. I sent these messages from a fictitious name that I use on all the websites that I test out because it helps me with my comparisons.

Like I said, after buying coins all of these profiles suddenly began sending me responses. It’s uncanny, right? Or is the website owner using slick tactics? I know the answer and I bet you do too.

Since the responses were detailed, it wasn’t bots sending them but actual people. But it was likely people that they paid to respond to messages instead of the beautiful women that they claim they were.

And these profiles insisted that we continue to communicate through the website when I tried to exchange contact info.

Since I had a few people responding to me, I focused my energy on them to see if I could get them to share their contact information with me. Real people that wanted to meet in the real world would have no trouble exchanging phone numbers or social media deets.

Can you guess what happened next?

Every person that I contacted didn’t feel good about sharing contact information or social media details. But they still wanted to keep talking to me on the website where I had to spend exorbitant amounts of money to buy coins. This happened even when I told them that I barely had any coins left and I wasn’t buying anymore.

Can I claim with a 100% certainty that this was the website staff talking to me? No, I don’t have 100% proof. But based on what I shared with you today, you can come to the same conclusion that I have.

Why Stick with Qwik Meet When Adult Friend Finder Is a Much Better Choice?

Based on my experiences, I can tell you that you shouldn’t even bother with Qwik Meet ever again because Adult Friend Finder is so much better than this duplicitous website. I’ve spent a lot of time using Adult Friend Finder for testing and personal reasons, and it’s legit and I definitely had lots of fun meeting up with gorgeous and friendly women who also want to have a good time.

When you think of the original hookup site, you should remember that Adult Friend Finder has been around for nearly 20 years. Their worldwide user base is humongous at this point and it has lots of women on there looking for all kinds of interesting things like casual flings, kinky affairs, and even one-night stands.

And the best part…

They offer a free trial right now. You can get on without spending any money to message women that you can get to know and take home if everything goes right.

Are you looking to meet a beautiful woman for a casual fling? Try Adult Friend Finder because it’s the obvious choice.

Qwik Meet Advantages and Disadvantages


  • You will talk to people because most profiles will send you a reply as long as you buy coins


  • It’s necessary to pay money to send messages
  • Sending messages is really expensive
  • None of the profiles are willing to share contact information to meet up

Pics, Profiles, and Members

When compared to other online dating websites, the profiles are very basic and bland. As a member, it’s your job to answer multiple-choice questions to make your profile more interesting and relatable. They also provide an About Me section that gives you the opportunity to share even more about yourself, but none of the women on the site filled out theirAbout Me profile.

You can add lots of pictures and many of the members do this. You’ll quickly and easily discover plenty of profiles that are active in your local area. But none of them will actually be willing to meet you.

Website Design

The design of the website is organized and easy to use. The dashboard shows you a profiles list of people you might want to chat with. It’s a filterable list that you can sort by city, gender, and age.

The right-hand side bar is where you can look to find notifications. A new tab will share new message information near the bottom of the screen. So, if you want, you can simply message more than one person all at once.

Or go to the main navigation and use the messages tab. They even have a tab for visitors, which lets you see members that have taken a look at your profile.

And they also have member profile buttons that make personal interactions very simple.

Chat & Messaging

Every message sent costs 50 coins. So, if you plan to send a message make sure it’s very detailed because they can get very expensive. There isn’t an option to send videos or photos, but you could send a free virtual kiss or pay for a virtual gift.

Qwik Meet Free Membership Features

Membership on the website is free. But they get you by forcing you to buy coins to pay for virtual gifts and messages. As a free member, you are allowed to send kisses, view profiles, and put profiles on your favorites list.


Believe it or not… No advertisements!

Pricing Structure

Pricing is as follows:

  • $4.99 to purchase 220 coins
  • $9.99 to purchase 500 coins
  • $24.99 to purchase 1270 coins
  • $49.99 to purchase 2640 coins
  • $99.99 to purchase 5500 coins

Qwik Meet FAQ

How Can I Log into My Qwik Meet Account?

Believe it or not, there isn’t actually a place to log into this site directly. When you go there, you’ll press the continue button and it will redirect you to another site.

On the redirected site, you can have them save your login details and then they will log you in automatically the next time you visit. If not, you’ll have to enter your login information manually.

Instead, go directly to the partner site and login right away as a substitutefor going through Qwik Meet and wasting your time.

Or better yet, avoid this network of sites altogether.

How Can I Search on Qwik Meet?

Searching on the website is easy to do. Go to the main dashboard and use the filter options presented on the sidebar on the left.

How Can I Send Messages on Qwik Meet?

Sending messages on this website is pretty easy to do. Go to a profile that you want to send a message to and then click the button that says “Send Her a Message” as one of the options presented on the right side of your screen.

How Can I Deactivate or Delete a Qwik Meet Account?

There is no need to deactivate your account because you aren’t required to pay for a membership. To delete your account altogether, go to your profile and click the Delete Account button. They’ll send you an email confirmation confirming if you really want to delete your account.

Is Qwik Meet Really a Legitimate Website?

Here it is plain and simple…

There are a lot of red flags when using this site, so it really isn’t legitimate.

Some things that I tested include:

  • Creating a blank profile for 24 to 48 hours. This empty profile was sent countless messages which is a major red flag.
  • Profiles respond fast but none are willing to share contact information.
  • Active profiles would love to continue messaging you on the website even though it’s expensive. They were never willing to message off of the website.

Overall, this website seems like a scam. So, take that with a grain of salt.