TenderMeets Review: Is It Worth Trying in 2021?

I really get a big kick out of reviewing online dating sites for a lot of reasons. But one of the biggest ones is figuring out the scam websites so I can expose them and spread the truth. By identifying sites that were just created to steal your money, I am providing a great service to the online dating community. With enough luck, and enough people working hard to expose them, we’ll shutdown these websites by removing their traffic and payments because enough people will learn that they are a complete scam.

Ladies and gentlemen, I want you to know that TenderMeets is one of the absolute worst online hookup sites that I’ve ever come across in all of my years of doing this. It’s scary because this website is a member of a network of shady money grabbing dating websites that might be the biggest of its kind throughout the world.

The longer I spend my time reviewing websites like this, the more often I find these big sketchy networks. And the longer I do it, the easier it is to uncover all of the offending scam websites involved in the network.

My Method for Reviewing TenderMeets

To help you better understand, this is the exact process that I use while reviewing sites like TenderMeets:

  1. I create an online profile on the TenderMeets website. But I do not immediately fill out the profile because it makes sense to leave it blank for 24 to 48 hours. Why? I leave it blank on purpose to see if it garners attention. I want to see if bots and scammers begin sending messages to a blank profile that would never get attention otherwise.
  2. I begin messaging a wide range of different women on the website to find out if anyone would like to chat with me. I send these messages in hopes of generating conversations with other women looking to hook up.

Because I review so many of these websites, I have lots of experience meeting and talking with women on the Internet. I’m pretty good at connecting with them by getting them to go on dates with me or just straight up hooking up with me. On legitimate websites I often have great success in this area.

  1. Finally, after thoroughly using each one of the free features, I then sign up for a paid subscription. After the sign-up is complete, I start using all of the paid subscription features to determine whether or not they are worth the extra money.

I had to change my regular review format for this one because TenderMeets isn’t actually a real dating site so there wasn’t much to review.

A quick note and timesaver: don’t bother signing up for TenderMeets. In fact, avoid this website like the plague.

What I Learned in my TenderMeets Review

To help put this website in better perspective, I’d like to share a quick overview of the site and compare it to my favorite online dating website, Adult Friend Finder. Me and many other guys have used AFF with much success and it’s been the best hookup site online to meet women. I like to compare new dating websites to AFF because it’s an excellent reference point.

With that said:

  • Overall:TenderMeets is a 2 and Adult Friend Finder is a 9.5
  • Quality of Women:TenderMeets is a 2 and Adult Friend Finder is a 9
  • Website Popularity:TenderMeets is a 3 and Adult Friend Finder is a 9
  • Website Usability:TenderMeet is a 9 and Adult Friend Finder is a 10
  • Safety and Privacy:TenderMeets is a 1 and Adult Friend Finder is a 10
  • Website Effectiveness:TenderMeets is a 1 and Adult Friend Finder is a 9
  • Worth:TenderMeets is a 1 and Adult Friend Finder is a 10

My Personal Overall Recommendation

Based on my warning above, it shouldn’t surprise you to learn that I think this website is complete garbage! The website template itself is quite usable, but it’s part of a cancerous network that shouldn’t exist.

In case you haven’t figured it out yet, I believe that you and everyone else in the world should avoid this website at all costs. If you really want to find a great hookup site, I can point you in the right direction. In fact, I have already because I told you above how much I really like Adult Friend Finder. On AFF, you’ll discover everything you were looking for in a hookup site. And you’ll also feel safe knowing that they didn’t sell your credit card information to the highest bidder like some other sites.

Avoid TenderMeets and Every Website within Its Network

No matter what you do, you should avoid visiting this website and all of the other websites that are part of this network. Never, ever visit them.

This network was created with one specific purpose. It was designed – just like every other website in the network – to get you to sign up for their premium dating service. But once you sign up, you’ll never actually speak to a woman. You may speak to men in foreign countries or bots, but not women that you’ll actually hook up with.

With nearly every other review that I perform, I would typically set up a profile and go through the process that I shared above to find out how effective the website actually is. Since I’ve reviewed numerous websites of this caliber, I knew signing up for this site wasn’t worth my time or trouble as soon as I hit their homepage.

After signing up for a site in this network, you instantly get hit with dozens of message notifications. Even with a blank profile, you’ll have dozens of notifications and messages that come your way in a matter of seconds.

Do these “women” find me so sexy and attractive that they’ll actually send a blank profile an immediate message? How would they know? The profile is blank, remember? This is a huge sign that this website is a scam.

In truth, if you ever sign up for a website and instantly get a ton of notifications after you create a profile, you should turn around and run away and never look back. Only bots and male employees send messages to blank profiles. You get it?

Same Typical Website Setup with a Gross Website Name

The website itself doesn’t really look awful. In fact, it’s quite the opposite because it’s a clean and attractive looking site that appears trustworthy and loads quickly. I might even say that the website itself, for a dating site, actually delivers a pretty good user experience.

But the problem lies with the real reality of the situation. Even though there are tons of female profiles on the site, there aren’t real women behind them.

When you compare TenderMeets to other websites in this network, you’ll see the exact same profiles – and I really mean the exact profiles – on the varying websites.

Does this surprise you? I’m only getting started to tell you the truth. As I dig deeper, I’ll unfold the entire creepy setup for you in plain English.

Their Main Tactics Discovered after Doing Some Digging

In all of my reviews, I always say that the websites that hide their shadiness the best are the most dangerous ones. They look so real that they might convince you to actually give them your credit card information. But it’s way too late if you’ve already gotten to that point.

Even though the site looks relatively real when you first glance at it, the belief in its validity instantly falls apart the second you begin using your free profile.

TenderMeets attempts to act like Tinder with its features. If you like a woman’s photo on their website, it will notify them about it. In some cases, you may get a response from this, but more often your picture will also end up getting alike. It will also be accompanied by a message trying to convince you to sign up for the paid membership so you can read the message that she also sent you.

Although you can sign up for the site without filing in a profile, you’ll often get tons of messages from many “women” that populate the site.

From what I can tell, the one obvious fact is that real people actually control these profiles. Based on the messages that I’ve looked at from other people, the people sending these messages – a.k.a. male foreigners – are using titles from videos that they find on Pornhub to base their messages on.

These guys obviously do not know women. They have no clue about how they talk or interact with members of the opposite sex. So, they have a very difficult time pretending to be them.

You’ll get many messages and replies to your messages trying to convince you to sign up for the premium paid version of the website. An example of a message that you could end up receiving sounds something like this:

“You are so mysterious! I’d love to take a look at your photo! I won’t tell anyone that you are so interesting!”

Why would I care if people learn that I’m interesting? This reply is so stupid that only a moronic dude that speaks broken English would write it!

My Favorite Website That You Should Definitely Consider Trying

If you’d like to hook up with someone soon, you should definitely give Adult Friend Finder a try. Not only is it real, its sole purpose isn’t to steal your money. It’s a great site for people looking for casual relationships to actually meet up.

After using AFF for a couple of days you’ll discover that plenty of women live in your community looking to meet you or guys like you. On the other hand, on TenderMeets you’ll discover a bunch of bots and time-wasting messages looking to steal your money.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Using TenderMeets


  • Simple to use clean interface
  • Quick website loading speeds
  • Easy navigation


  • Way too many instant messages that you aren’t allowed to reply to unless you pay
  • Your inbox is flooded with tons of messages
  • If you click a message or interact with it in any way, they instantly ask you for a payment
  • Not one real user on the entire website

Information about TopOffers (The Network)

Let’s begin at the beginning. First, I want you to get an understanding of this network. It’s incredibly lucrative to say the least as you are about to learn. And learning more about this network should also make you feel very frustrated.

Some of the additional TopOffers websites in the network include Flirt, Cheeky Lovers, and Be Naughty. They were originally owned by Together Networks, but they were sold for what amounts to an American $52 million, or 45 million pounds.

Overall, the network is made up of 218 sites. 72% of those websites have their address listed as a PO Box in the British Virgin Islands. They are owned by a wide array of shell companies.

The Terms and Conditions on TenderMeets

Typically, a website’s terms and conditions share how they will keep your data safe and secure. They also tell you what you’re agreeing to and ways they might use your photos.

Things are different on these websites. They have loopholes and sneaky ways that they intend to use your info and pictures.

As an example, they’ll create a duplicate profile and use your pictures on other websites in their network. This is directly in their terms and conditions.

After signing up for their service, they will send an email letting you know that to help you find a perfect match, they duplicated your profile and shared it on other partner websites.

This may seem like a nice thing to do, but it isn’t actually legal. Trust me when I tell you that you do not want to get caught up in their sketchy games because they’ll hound you for the rest of your life.

Even worse, they don’t give you the chance to opt out in case you don’t want your profile across a plethora of websites.

They Steal Your Photos

As mentioned, getting your profile duplicated across a wide range of a network of websites isn’t the only problem. Their fake network will take your photos and duplicate them and also use them for commercial reasons and advertising.

They claim in their terms of service that because you uploaded your photo to their website, they have royalty-free rights to use your images for commercial and advertising purposes.

Ugh! The site is so disgusting! They put their scams directly into their terms of service like they actually have a right to do so.

Never Add Contacts to This Site

Do you want to piss off your contacts? Add them to this network of sites and they might hate you forever! You’ll expose them to fraud, spam, and other unwanted problems that they spend their lifetime trying to avoid.

Basically, sharing contact’s email addresses and mobile numbers gives them the right to pester your contacts according to their terms of service.

Just don’t do it. Save your contacts the agony. Or if you’re trying to get back at somebody, feel free to add them to your contacts!

Pics, Profiles, and Members

Typically, in this section I would normally talk about the various women that I’d meet on websites like this. I comment on profiles and talk about whether or not they look legitimate.

With TenderMeets, I’ll just share what the typical profile appears to look like on the website. Remember, none of these profiles are actually real women.

It doesn’t matter what you try to do on this website because you’ll never convince a woman to go on a date with you. Again, they aren’t real! It’s likely guys in different Third World countries acting like women as they chat with you.

Most profiles consist of a photo or two, with hidden photos that they try to entice you to want to look at, which you’ll have to pay to see. And the rest of the profile is blank without anything filled out at all.

The women in the pictures are always very attractive, but they also seem real too. They are good-looking but they do not look like professional models, which makes the pictures seem perfect for a real dating profile even though they’re fake.

It’s not uncommon to find empty profiles on legitimate dating sites. But to find every single profile totally empty is a major red flag. They didn’t want to bother setting up fake profiles to complete their ruse which is odd but I guess it’s effective nonetheless.


For the most part, you can get a good idea of what a sketchy dating website is attempting to accomplish with their advertisements.

On an odd note, this website – and the entire network for that matter – doesn’t depend on ad revenue to make money. They do not have ads on their sites, which is refreshing in a weird way but remember TenderMeets is a scam site so I’m not going to applaud them by any means.

You have to wonder if their business model pays on referral traffic. Do they make money sending their customers to other websites?

I can only speculate, but it seems like a valid reason why they’re connected to so many different websites in a network.

TenderMeets FAQ

To finish out this review, I will take a look at the questions that they’re asked most frequently in this next section.

How Can I Log into TenderMeets?

After signing up on the website (please don’t sign up), you’ll fill out your email address and password after clicking the homepage’s login link.

Are There Better Alternatives to TenderMeets?

Yes! As I’ve mentioned more than once already, the best website to use to hook up for a quick fling or casual date is Adult Friend Finder. It’s my favorite site and I highly recommend it.

How Can I Cancel My TenderMeets Membership?

If you can believe some of the information that I read, you would stay far away from TenderMeets and never give them your credit card information. According to some, the only way to get them to stop charging you month after month is to cancel your credit card.

But according to their instructions on their website, you can cancel your membership using the following options:

  • Go to the top right corner of the page and click your profile photo.
  • Choose My Settings
  • About three quarters of the way down the page you’ll see the Billing History option. Click it and then choose Deactivate Subscription.
  • Use the deactivation wizard, follow the instructions, and cancel your account.

How Can I Delete My TenderMeets Account?

Deleting your account and profile is simple enough to accomplish by following the next steps. But remember that you must cancel your paid subscription first prior to deleting your account. The steps include:

  • Go to the top right corner of the page and click your profile photo.
  • Choose My Settings
  • About three quarters of the way down the page you’ll see the option Remove Account. Click this option.
  • Use the deactivation wizard to delete your profile and account.

Is TenderMeets a Legitimate Website?

Absolutely not! It’s part of one of the biggest scam dating websites in existence today. Steer clear of the entire network and never, I repeat never, give them your credit card information or any of your personal information because they’ll rip you off and spam the crap out of you for the rest of your life!

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