Uberhorny.com Review: Is This Horny Hookup Network Worth It In 2021?

I have reviewed and tried out hundreds of dating sites. Everything from vanilla, to kink, to escort sites. Trust me, I’ve seen just about everything that the good sites offer, and I’m well versed in the tricks the bad ones like to play on unsuspecting horny men.

So, when a new site hits my radar, I like to think that I know exactly what to look for. One of the new sites that a friend asked me to look over for them is Uberhorny.

Now, typically sites that use cutesy names like this are usually just a gimmick. They like to play off of things that people recognize, like social media sites or in this case, a transportation company where you can get a ride easily. I mean, doesn’t every guy want to be able to use a legitimate app to easily find a lady for a “ride”?

The question about Uberhorny is, “does it work?” Is it possible to find a sexual encounter quickly and easily? Are there real women there or are all the ads fakes?

Well, friends, luckily for you I have spent some time on Uberhorny to determine if they are legit, or if they’re going to frustrate you like all the other fake hookup sites that have been popping up across the internet. Keep reading to find out if I give Uberhorny the thumbs up, or if I’d recommend you avoid it completely.

Main Reasons Why Uberhorny is Legit

When you’re using any dating site, sexually related or not, you should look out for certain things that will tell you if the site is a good one, or just in the dating world to make a quick buck. I know what to look for, but not everyone is as well versed in the dating scene as I am. If you aren’t, let me show you why I think that Uberhorny is legit and hopefully you can take these things with you to other dating sites to judge their authenticity.

Reason #1: The Landing Page.

This may seem like a crazy way to determine if a site is a good one, especially since many sites have excellent front-end developers who can make a site look amazing. But, hear me out.

Uberhorny has a very sexy looking landing page, which is wonderful eye candy for us guys. But what they also do is make sure that you understand everything they are about. You can find the way to contact the company, their privacy policy, their hookup guarantee, and their security seals.

This tells me that they are serious about making sure their members are comfortable with the service they offer and that they are available to help when there are any issues. You can’t really ask for much more from a company, in my opinion.

Reason #2: No Fake, Service-Generated Profiles.

I don’t know if you know this, but many dating sites and hookup sites will create fake profiles. While this sounds deceitful, and it kind of is, it is totally legal as long as the dating site lets you know they use this practice in their terms of service. The reason nobody knows about this is because members rarely read those terms because they’re long, boring, and men really just want to get to the exciting stuff.

Here’s the deal with service-generated profiles. Dating sites will often steal pictures from the internet of attractive, yet “normal” women, and create fake profiles to make other members believe the dating site is hopping with hotties. They will then have a bot or paid employee interact as that person, convincing you to upgrade your membership while stringing you along with fake promises of meeting up.

You will never meet these people. You can’t. They aren’t real.

They are legitimately paid to talk to you, often in a very dirty manner to get you excited and keep you interested. They are legally catfishing you.

The great news is that Uberhorny does not use fake profiles. Here is what their terms state:

“Unlike many competitors, this Site does not contain any profiles created by the Service whether to increase member numbers or entertain or otherwise engage with users of the Service nor for any other purpose.”

This means that there are hundreds of women who are real on Uberhorny and guess what, they’re uber horny!

Reason #3: Hook-Up Guarantee.

This is a huge one that only the best dating sites on the internet offer. On Uberhorny, once you’re a paid member (joining is free, but if you want the best of what they offer, you’re going to want to upgrade), and you follow their rules, you’re given a three-month guarantee that you’ll get laid.

If you’re not having sex within three months, you’ll get an extension of three months for free. Uberhorny wants you to be happy with their service and have sex, which is awesome.

Reason #4: No Reselling Your Information to Third-Parties.

Uberhorny takes the safety of its members seriously. This means they don’t take part in something most shady sites like to do. Sites that are more interested in themselves will sell your information to partner sites, whether you like it or not.

But not Uberhorny. Their terms state the following:

“As more fully set forth in our Privacy Statement, your personal information will not be resold to any third-party.”

They also expect you to do your part in this as well. This means no posting things that infringe on others or the site, and you’re responsible for being exactly who you say you are. Don’t be that guy that ruins it for everyone else.

Reason #5: Uberhorny Informs You of Privacy Policy Changes.

Uberhorny doesn’t want their members to be tricked or unhappy. This is why it is great that they alert their members of any changes to their privacy policy prior to making any changes. Their terms state:

“If at any point we decide to use any particular personally identifiable information in a manner different from that stated at the time it was collected, we will notify users by way of an email or by providing 30-days notice on the Service.”

Uberhorny is completely transparent and that, my friends, is a good company.

Reason #6: Totally Secure.

Unfortunately, dating sites are not the most secure sites on the internet. Sex is just a prime way for those in the cyber threat world to attack people.

Uberhorny, once again, takes your safety seriously with not one, but two security measures in place. Not only are they Verisign certified, but Norton certifies them as well. So, while you’re spending time on the site you’re safe and when you upgrade your membership, your personal information is going to be protected as well.

Joining Uberhorny is free, like most dating sites. However, to use the upgraded features you have to upgrade your membership. Here is what it will cost you:

  • Two-day trial: $2.48
  • Seven-day trial: $9.95
  • One-month subscription: $34.95
  • Six-month subscription: $11.65/month
  • One-year subscription: $6.67/month

My Final Verdict on Uberhorny: HUGE Thumbs Up!

I love when I can review a dating site that delivers and Uberhorny does that in every way. I have been using the site for a while now and I’ve had multiple encounters with women who are just as horny as I am. I am a total believer in Uberhorny and I would absolutely recommend it to anyone looking for quick, easy hookups.