7 Texts to Grab Her Attention Again

Grab Her Attention Again

It’s never a great sign when a girl stops responding to your texts and grows cold. But it isn’t the end of the world yet. You never know what’s happening in her life. And in modern dating, knowing what to send as a text when she stops responding is an important part of the process and just as valuable to have in your knowledge bank as knowing what to text a girl whose number you just got.

Sure, it can get really frustrating and you’ll potentially make bad decisions. But focus on taking your time, and read this information thoroughly. Try not to overreact or rush into anything and make a calm and confident decision.

Things to Text A Girl Who No Longer Responds

Throughout this article, I’ll share some of my best pointers that’ll make it easier to get someone to want to text you again. Some basic information is in order as well as the three excellent examples. Truthfully, sometimes it’s going to be impossible to save a situation like this. But it can’t hurt to try.

Before we dive deeply into how to text girls that no longer respond, let’s acknowledge that you may have been spending time on the wrong dating site. But truthfully, it shouldn’t matter if you meet her shopping in a grocery store or on a hook up site, because these tips definitely work.

Give a Girl Her Space When She Stops Texting You

This one is really important so pay attention. If she no longer responds to your texts, sending her a bunch of texts that she doesn’t answer isn’t going to solve your problem.

I can tell you this one with 100% certainty because I’ve been on the other end of this more times than I care to admit. I either get really busy or the interest begins to wane and suddenly she’s bombarding me with text messages, invites, follow-ups, and other annoying messages.

If you take away one thing from this, give her at least 2-3 days of space before sending another message. She may still be really interested but have gotten genuinely busy. If you don’t hear from her within that time, allow her the space she needs which she’ll definitely appreciate.

This shows the girl that you aren’t clingy or needy. It also shows that you’re willing to provide her with breathing room.

Even though romantic comedies say otherwise, being overbearing and needy isn’t romantic and it’s not very charming either.

Two Unanswered Texts Are the Limit

To add to the point just made, you should definitely stick to this next rule. If you message a girl on two different occasions and she doesn’t respond, it’s definitely time to back off.

Why? If you go overboard from this point, you’re going to seem like you’re needy. And it’s going to seem like you either aren’t willing to give her space or you aren’t getting the message. Neither scenario is very favorable to you.

How do you get in touch with her at this point? You don’t try at all. It’s time to move on to other parts of your life and provide her with space.

Try messaging her at another time within two or three days of the last unanswered message.

Reflect on the Situation to Figure Out What Happened

This girl could’ve gone cold on you for millions of potential reasons. Most of those reasons will have nothing to actually do with you, but it’s still good to try and figure it out anyway. Somewhere along the line you may have made a mistake and you should learn from it.

It’s possible that you’ve seemed too needy. You could have been too available to her and it didn’t look right. Or the opposite is true and you were so busy that she moved on. If you don’t recognize any of these issues, then there’s nothing wrong and it may have not worked for another reason that has not to do it you.

In this case, you can send her one last message and attempt to get her interested again. If not, you should move on to different matches.

To get better at the dating game, you should focus on learning how to approach and attract women.

No matter your overall weaknesses, these situations should lead to working on refining your dating strategy. Always stay casual and classy. It doesn’t look good to exude inpatient sarcasm or cynical humor. Saying something foolish like, “It’s great how you ignore me for a week at a time,” will never turn into a productive conversation.

Focus on being casual and remember that this is a real person who has a life and things going on as well.

You aren’t trying to make her feel bad, so keep that in mind.

Holding Her Accountable Isn’t Your Job

After you get ghosted by a girl, you may experience major frustration and attempt to hold her accountable. These emotions often come to the surface when you try to figure out how to handle it when she stops sending you texts. No matter what, telling her that it’s rude and that you shouldn’t have been ghosted really looks bad.

You’re undoubtably right but this isn’t the point of dating. I know for a fact that you’ll never have another good date with her again if you make her feel like a terrible person in a text. Cool off for one or two days and then think about the next message to send her.

If you’re still angry even given enough space, you should consider dating someone else and forget about this girl. Feeling frustration and anger towards someone and texting about it isn’t going to get the response you want if you get a response at all.

Helpful Examples of the Right Way to Get a Girl to Text You Back

You can handle this situation in a few different ways. Keep in mind that based on everything I’ve shared so far, it’s always smart to keep things civilized.

From a personal standpoint, the example I’m sharing first is the one that I use most of the time. It’s honest and simple and also keeps the door opened. Even better, you will not sound needy with this choice.

“Hi, I guess you have a lot going on right now and my schedule is really busy too. I have other priorities that I should focus on at the moment, but if you’d like to meet up again in the future just let me know and hopefully, we’ll be able to figure something out.”

After this text, I’ll occasionally get a message telling me that they’re sorry about everything because their week is been really hectic. In other cases, I might not hear anything and I’m okay with that too. The main thing is you have to stick to the heart of the message. You have to let her go if you don’t hear from her.And don’t keep badgering her a week later.

Like the majority of people using Tinder, I’ll use the app for a while and then stop for reasons of my own. In this situation, I’ll use my second example. It’s direct, honest, and real and it isn’t pressuring or rude.

“Hi, I’m taking a break from Tinder right now once this week is finished. It doesn’t seem like you’re too interested which is okay, but if I’m reading the situation wrong feel free to let me know.”

As for my last example, I like to use this with women who are direct and straightforward. They typically appreciate straight shooter communication so this really works well.

“Hi, I don’t tend to chase women and you don’t seem very interested in me. If you’d like to get a drink in the future just let me know. Good luck with Tinder otherwise!”

Each of these examples is simple and to the point. They are clear and let the girl know that you aren’t waiting for her forever. You give her the opportunity to contact you, so it becomes her choice. This is far from needy as long as you stick to the message, because ultimately that’s what you’re attempting to do anyway.

This information and these examples are what you should do when a girl stops texting you. Just remember to remain respectful and ready to move on to a different woman, because things will otherwise end up going badly if you apply too much pressure.

There isn’t a scary learning curve to figure out how to get a text back after she stopped responding. Let her ignore you if that’s her thing because you likely have a better chance of connecting with someone else anyway.

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