Private Delights – The Truth Revealed in This Review

You’ve likely read many reviews in your life, and I’m here to say that they usually reiterate the same thing. Most providers just want to get more clients to the site, and they don’t necessarily care how they do it. Therefore, it’s important to get as much data from each website as you can.

Recently, I ran across Private Delights, which uses a Swiss domain and is very similar to the way US classifieds work. However, when I did my research, I found that it’s hosted only from a Switzerland location. There were a few US-based cities included, though. Still, most of the profiles were in the Netherlands and other areas in Europe.

Those who live in America may have fewer options throughout the country.

A Friendly Note

Since I must think of my followers, I decided to create this review to help everyone search for escorts and determine what services are actually available. That way, you know what to expect from the site and what its system is like.

Keep reading the review to learn all the information you need:

Private Delights Screening Process – Same Thing as Other Poor Dating Sites

Before you sign up for Private Delights, you should look at its content. While you’re there, you see that its process includes info about the verification process of user-profiles and demands that providers submit only appropriate and confirmed information.

When you see the escort profiles on the website, they appear realistic and credible. I felt like this might be a great resource for area escorts. The girls are hot, but the photos don’t appear edited or retouched to look fake or unbelievable. Overall, you get nice photographs and clean camera angles on the website, but it’s not so fancy that the providers look fake. That means you can spend a lot of time on the site getting to know the people.

This simple review focused on this aspect and found that the system appears genuine.


There are two interfaces on this site – one’s for the clients, and the other is for the providers. I feel like it’s quite similar to Facebook because there’s a virtual meeting platform for the services and activities relating to paid sex.

For those who’ve read other site reviews from me, this isn’t really a surprise because the number one thing people want is info about the service options.

This website service is designed to hook up escorts and clients, so the content focuses mainly on that. Still, it doesn’t take any responsibility for its actions, as you can see from the terms and conditions.

The Breakdown to Getting More Clients

Private Delights appears genuine, but it’s not free to locate girls or search. In fact, it’s mandatory to join up, and your only option, if you don’t, is to leave the website without a chance to learn how things work. Here’s the breakdown:

  • Client sign-up is there for people who want to talk to women, so they must join.
  • Provider sign-up is there for the girls who prefer to provide various services to clients and meet them.

In a sense, both types of users much join to take part in the other side for the screening process. The reviews you read are likely genuine testimonies.

One Issue

However, you can’t take this process for granted. Anyone can log onto the site and post things that aren’t true. However, I feel that the chances of seeing negative reviews are quite low because the website checks the profiles with automation and artificial intelligence.

What These Girls Are Like on Private Delights

The girls here are realistic and hot from this provider. Right now, there are a total of 285 profiles, and they all look genuine. While that doesn’t seem like a lot, I compare it to the fake sites that claim to have many users and don’t. Then, when you look for them in your state, you find no one or just a handful.


It’s possible to search by location, state, or city. Once you check providers from a particular city or country, you see their age. The menus are also simple, so it’s easy to locate escorts of any age. Plus, there are few commercials.

I feel that it’s a good idea to pay attention when reading reviews of the escorts. Though the screening process is more transparent here, it’s still up to you. Also, make sure that your browser is compatible.

The Best Way to Do Reviews on Private Delights and Other Dating Apps Like It

A place like this is a great way to locate providers for sex. There are just two rules I go by:

  1. Don’t give out personal information (address or real name).
  2. Don’t talk about what happens with you and your providers.

The goal here is to locate people, read reviews on the escorts, and make an informed choice about who you’re interested in. This should be simple!


Finding a provider for sex or to chat with is often difficult. You want a fair price and servers that protect your data. Hopefully, my reviews give you an idea about which ones to join!

The providers at Private Delights appear genuine and have decent reviews. Join now and create an account whether you’re in Europe or the US!

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