RubMaps Review – Should You Use It? Is It Legit? Find out Now!

Everyone enjoys a good massage. I know I do, and I tend to get them frequently from my dates. However, I just can’t say it’s a good thing to use massage parlors that are listed on the RubMaps website.

This is the place I go to talk about different escort websites and casual dating sites. I begin by performing Google searches on each one to check out what others say who have used them in the past. Though I don’t perform advanced searches, I do find various phone app options available that offer many services.

In my RubMaps review, I’m here to talk all about the site, but I’m really shocked it’s a thing. This is a new one for me, and I wanted to find out what this Yelp for Massage Parlors was really about. You probably don’t trust the first things you see about a website because you’re like me. In a sense, you want someone else to get a deeper idea of the site and exactly what it involves.

My question is this: Is RubMaps legit? You definitely don’t want to visit an underground website and perform illegal activities to get in trouble with the police. It’s just not worth it to get sexual favors for money when there are tons of girls on the web doing it for free. Let’s get started!

The Full Rundown of RubMaps Massage Parlor Finder

I think it’s sweet how some people still don’t know what happens at massage parlors. There’s nothing wrong with it, but you’re naive, and that easily gets people into trouble within the online prostitution world.

For most of us, we know that these companies offer the happy ending massage. In a sense, you get massaged, and at the end of the session, you “get off” from different types of sexual acts.

If you like to get a sensual massage and end with a hand-job, you could easily be tempted to download RubMaps to see what it recommends. There’s plenty of information out there, such as how good the women perform and what the hourly rate is at each location.

However, my RubMaps review is here to tell you exactly how the site fails for one reason. Let’s dive deeper into the world of RubMaps and what’s involved:

Site Overview

The moment you arrive at the RubMaps website, you see a banner claiming that it’s been around since 2010. It claims here that it can’t condone payment for any sexual services and doesn’t help sex workers find customers because of the new sex trafficking laws that have recently been enacted.

That seemed odd to me, but I realize that the owners of RubMaps don’t want to get busted for human trafficking problems. Technically, it’s only pointing you in the direction of massage parlor options with Asian females performing Nuru massages or other service needs.

Another issue that bothered me was that the banner claimed to suspend operations to people in the United States and that the site was blocked. This is a red flag! The RubMaps app owner is really saying that it had to shut down because it was doing illegal things on the internet.

However, I still clicked the button to agree to gain access to the site. Then, I immediately went to the Terms and Conditions section, which was lousy.

rubmaps californiaCrazy Terms of Conditions and Legal Jargon

How does RubMaps work? Well, to figure that out, you must go to the Terms and Conditions area. I also recommend that you do that for every single website you visit so that you understand how it uses the information it gets from you.

The terms on RubMaps say that you can’t use it for any sexual purposes. Therefore, you can’t offer adult services, exchange money to get sexual pleasure, and really can’t do anything to enhance the sex experience.

This also means you can’t donate or buy sperm or eggs, do any nude modeling, or sell/buy guns. That’s a good thing to have for your site, but there’s an issue here. RubMaps lists massage parlors that perform happy endings and other sex services and even tells you the price of each service. In a sense, it’s going against its Terms of Service agreement, and I find that to be a big red flag.

I realize it must cover its own “@$$,” but my issue is that you can’t tell potential customers all that and then decide to list happy ending parlors. Some people could argue that getting off at the parlor is like donating sperm, and now you’re in trouble. A person could also claim that being naked during the massage is a form of modeling. While these scenarios are a reach, the cops might do whatever they can to catch the people involved. If you’re there at the time of the sting, you’re in trouble!

Must Pay Money to Become a Member

Most RubMaps reviews just gloss over that you must pay the monthly membership to use this service. I know some dating sites make you pay for premium features, but this one doesn’t offer a free version at all.

With that, you must pay to even read reviews for each massage parlor on RubMaps. The premium membership price is $19.95 a month. However, the yearly membership is $149, and people have to pay with a debit card only.

rubmaps reviews

I must say that the price for RubMaps is much more than other dating sites I’ve used or reviewed. Plus, you aren’t required to pay for sex or use illegal services as you must at RubMaps.

There’s also the issue of paying with prepaid cards or Bitcoin. RubMaps offers this, but then it raises the prices!

Paying means that you can access the reviews from the spas. However, there’s no safety net. If you get a happy ending and are caught, you’re charged, and you can’t blame the dating site.

RubMaps doesn’t stand by you; when you’re a member, you are put in the database that says you got body massages and happy endings. That makes it pretty easy for the cops to get you.

I’ve also got to point out there this site isn’t full-service, and you get no special features if you pay. You just use it to get reviews about other spas, but you don’t know if they’re fake accounts or real.

Most of the Asian Massage Parlors Are Actually Closed

On the RubMaps website, you see a section about closed massage parlors. My question is: why are these locations closed? I wonder if it’s because they got raided during a customer’s erotic massage!

Raids happen all the time, and I feel that many of them come from RubMaps directly. Therefore, if you’re there getting a rubdown, even if you don’t get the happy ending, you’re arrested with the others at the spa!

asian massage parlor closings

Rubmaps does let you see which sex spas are closed, but there are so many that are out of commission. Plus, they may have hidden cameras, so if you weren’t there during the raid, the cops can go through the video footage and still catch you in action. It’s crazy, and I wonder why these parlors have so many customers!

Legitimate and Real Businesses Suffer

I actually feel sorry for the legitimate companies that offer massage therapy. They often get added to the RubMaps site without their permission. There are plenty of real massage spas and practitioners that don’t give happy endings!

People use RubMaps to find various parlors. However, they call a specific massage parlor for paid erotic services and are told that these options aren’t available. They’re upset because they don’t get their massage, but the companies are wasting time on people who don’t realize that there are alternatives to RubMaps. Regular dating sites can help you find casual encounters without paying prostitutes; you hook up for free!

Some companies offer sexual favors and want to be on the site to bring more business. However, businesses that don’t want to be there have no recourse available.

I’ve actually found that many reputable therapists have their companies listed here and get whatever information they can from the johns to provide to the police! That means if you call to ask about sexual services and the company doesn’t offer that, the owners might give your information to the cops for a future raid. That’s definitely not a good thing!

Proof from Orchids of Asia Day Spa That It’s Used for Sting Operations

People are much more trusting than I am, and I have no issue with that. Still, if you need real proof that this RubMaps website isn’t to be trusted, it’s this:

Recently, RubMaps was included in a police report from Jupiter, Florida. There was a bust at the Orchids of Asia Day Spa. After a few weeks of watching, law enforcement arrested Robert Kraft and John Childs, as well as 25 others for solicitation.

You can find reviews about massage parlors, but you could also end up as part of a police raid!

surveillance cameras

The cops tend to use RubMaps for police raids on people who go to those parlors. At that time, the sting location was in Jupiter Florida, but they could be anywhere.

Robert Kraft actually owned the New England Patriots and got in trouble for using RubMaps and that massage parlor. While he claimed that the price was cheap at the spa, it definitely wasn’t worth it. He ended up dealing with all sorts of legal trouble and embarrassment.

Plus, the Orchids’ telephone number is also connected to other spas. If you call any of those, the police might be watching. It’s better to visit a regular dating website and tell the chick you want a happy ending!

Hidden Cameras

Earlier, I mentioned that some parlors like to use hidden cameras. I’m not sure why they want to see all these guys with their employees, but that’s none of my business.

In a sense, that shady parlor offering erotic massages might have cameras set up all over the place. That way, it catches you in the act of doing something illegal. If it’s raided, the owners turn you in to get a lesser sentence themselves from the cops.

orchids of asia day spa

My point here is that when you go to RubMaps and sign up, you’re instantly put in the database! Once you contact the parlors shown on the RubMaps site, you also risk your happy ending being in porn videos. If cops bust the place, you get put on the stick from RubMaps and the parlor. It’s just not worth it!


I’ve seen other review sites claiming that RubMaps is legitimate, but I can’t condone the use of it. Whether you like paying for your sexual services or not, it’s an illegal activity in the United States. Just because they market it differently doesn’t matter.

If you don’t want hassles from the local law enforcement agencies, it’s best to avoid Rub Maps and use dating sites.

While it’s nice to read user reviews about any services provided by the parlors, it might cost your freedom or a lot of money. There’s no need to spend cash for sex; other sites let you hook up with women without prostitution.

While my RubMaps review is now over, I want you to know about other websites you could use and sign up for:

Better Alternatives for Massage Spas

There are plenty of negative and positive RubMaps reviews out there, but I recommend that you use a dating site where you don’t have to pay for any sexual services from the women.

Is RubMaps real? Yes, it is. However, you could spend the night with a hooker and risk getting in trouble (legally and monetarily), or you could search for girls in your area who want to have sex right now. When you contact someone, just ask for hot massages with happy endings. It’s so much safer.

The top hook up apps are all on my home page, but in addition to that, (where you can ask for whatever you want, even breast feeding!) they include Fling,, Instabang, SnapSext, and Uberhorny. They each have their benefits, and my advice is to look at each one first to see if becoming a paid member is worth it for you!

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